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Welcome to  We offer innovative products and software for the data and voice communication market. Est. 1998.

Become an NXGEAR partner today!

  • Excellent Margins
  • Pre And Post Sales Support
  • Highly Engineered Solutions
  • Competitive Advantage


If you are working in the IT and Telecoms sector looking to develop or expand the range of voice, data, and wireless solutions you provide we would like to partner with you!  If you would like to provide unique solutions and work in a less brand saturated market, NXGEAR can help!  If the solution your customer demands, can not be met by your existing portfolio of products, call us today on 01932 260 505!
NXGEAR can provide you with unique products capable of delivering complex solution, and with a healthy margin!

Our success comes from our dedication to our channel partners, providing pre and post sales support, excellent margins and bespoke solutions for over 10 years.
We are always keen to here from new partners, so if you work in the IT and Telecoms sector as an installer and maintainer of network system why not call us on 01932 260 505 to see how we can help.

Partnering with NXGEAR provides solutions from leading developers and vendors, providing you with a competitive advantage. Working with NXGEAR, we will also help you identify new opportunities and solutions, for new or existing customers. Through certain vendors we can provide loan items to help you familiarise yourself with the products and solutions.  If you are interested in this option please call 01932 260 505.