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New Dual Band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wireless LAN Access Points; Ideal For Apples Dual Band Devices As you may know, the increased use of wireless (and BOYD) devices on wireless corporate networks can present network engineers with new requirements for security, accessibility and scalability. The new Teldat Bintec Wireless LAN Access Points meet the diverse and unique requirements of the modern office.
Untitled Document Licence Allocation Rules for the Hybird PBX
The Hybird 300 and 600 model PBX uses terminal licences to assist with resource allocation, ensuring that as the upper limit of supported users is reached, the system remains stable and the user experience remains the same.

The rule for licence allocation are simple, but if you have any questions please let me know.

Licences Rules

  • Analogue, System, and IP System (IPS)and IP handsets all need terminal licenses.
    (With the new S530 and S560 system phone you will get a free 5 terminal license with any purchase of 5 S5x0 handsets)
  • Elmeg IP handsets (IP60, IPS290, IPS400) do not need a SIP client, but do require a terminal license.
  • SIP/IP/soft client phones (not IPS) require SIP client licenses and terminal licenses.


  • IP 60, IP-S 290, IP-S 400 do not require a SIP client licence, but do need a terminal licence.
  • Generic or soft phone (including the Elmeg IP290 SIP only version) does require a SIP client and a terminal licence.
Please note that the IP290 and the IPS290 are different items, the IP290 is a standard SIP phone, while the IPS290 is a IP System phone.
Untitled Document Port Based Security Using Drop In Mode
The following power point describes how a Bintec router might be used to create port isolation allowing multiple devices to be connected on the LAN, whilst controlling access between them. This enhances the security and integrity of the connected devices, and could be used in retail scenarios to fulfil PCI DSS compliance requirements, whilst involving minimum changes to the IP scope of the LAN.

Presentation:  Port Based Security Using Drop In Mode
Untitled Document New Firmware Release Version 9.1 Rev 1 - Brings New Features To The Hybird PBX and Bintec Routers
Teldat have released new firmware for the Hybird PBX and the Bintec Routers.  There are some significant new features now available for both classes of product.

Within this release, Teldat have also made extensive changes to the firmware, and a number of bug fixes are also included.

If you would like to know more about the firmware, a pdf document can be downloaded here
Untitled Document NAT Loopback Support For Routers Running Firmware Version 9.1 Rev 1
The NAT loopback function enables address translation for connectors whereby NAT is not activated.  This is often used in order to interpret queries from the LAN as if they were coming from the WAN.  This could, for example, be used to test the services provided by the server in its own network.
Untitled Document Bintec Routers Now Supporting LTE via USB Modem
Bintec RS series routers from Teldat (formerly Funkwerk Enterprise Communications) have added support for LTE (4G) USB modems.  The routers are now compatible with the Telekom Speedstick LTE and the Vodafone Surfstick LTE.
Untitled Document Hybird Configuration: First Steps Video
If you have recently bought, or are considering purchasing a new Hybird 300 or 600 PBX, and would like to gain insight into the programming of the system, Teldat have prepared a short start up video which provides a useful information on the configuration wizard and initial steps needed when configuring the PBX for the first time.

You can view the video here

If you would like to know more about the Hybird system you can click on either of the two links or call 01932 260 505


Untitled Document Unified Comunications, CTI Screen Popping, Directory Services and much more!
Take 3 minutes to find out how Estos products can help provide a competitive edge to any business -

Untitled Document Federation implemented in ProCall Enterprise. Image
The presence of Federation support in Procall Enterprise provides further cause to implement the feature rich company wide, presence and CTI solution; Procall Enterprise 4.0.
Federation allows the networking with other organizations such as companies or public institutions - based on open standards (e.g. SIP/SIMPLE & XMPP) and secure protocols (TLS/MTLS).
Untitled Document Support for LTE (4G) Service On Bintec Routers
4G services from UK provider, Everything, Everywhere (Orange/T-Mobile) are currently being tested in Cumbria (

Acknowledging 4G services will become more widespread, Funkwerk now support two USB data dongles from the HUAWEI range.

The HUAWEI E398 Telekom Speedstick LTE and the HUAWEI E398/K5005 Vodafone SurfStick are the first two dongles in the supported range that can be used to 4G services on Bintec routers.

More USB data dongle will be supported in the future, and for a full list of USB LTE(4G) and USB UMTS(3G) dongle compatibility on the Bintec RS series routers please click:
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