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Transparent “Drop in” Mode Available on Bintec Routers - Firmware v7.10.5
Untitled Document New Features in Bintec Router firmware v7.10.5
No need to change existing IP schemes on firewalls, routers or clients PC’s to add load balancing, failover or VPNs.
Have you heard of Transparent “drop in“ routing? It’s a powerful feature not many routers can deliver. But with the latest firmware (v7.10.5) all Bintec routers can.  Together with powerful new additions to the load balancing and failover functions, all controlled via their web interface. Untitled Document

New features in v7.10.5 include:

1.  Transparent “Drop in” Mode
No need to change existing IP schemes on firewalls, routers or clients PC’s to add Load Balancing, Failover or VPN.
Add a failover connection for added resilience.
Add a load balancing connection to spread traffic across multiple connections.
Add a VPN connection to a customer site
All without changing any of the customer’s existing network or IP scheme.

2.  Real DMZ using Transparent drop in mode can use a single static IP address to setup a DMZ with a real IP address on the DMZ port.And as IPv4 address are getting short, it can also save IP addresses.

3.  Session Persistence for load balancing – which ensures traffic for difficult transactions such as banking does not switch WAN connection during a session.

4.  Tracking of IP addresses – a connection is only considered usable for load balancing or failover when the link can actually pass traffic.

To find out more about these powerful new functions and how to implement them, have a look at this workshop
Release notes documenting the new features can be found here .
Information on load balancing on Bintec routers can be found here


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