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Funkwerk Enterprise Communications becomes Teldat GmbH
Untitled Document Expanding Market Share
The acquisition of Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH (FEC), by the Teldat Group, a leading European technology company, has been complete since January 16, 2012.
The renamed company - Teldat GmbH - is consequently now a division of the Teldat Group, which is active around the globe under the leadership of the Group holding company, Teldat S.A., which is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The transaction was first announced on October 18, 2011.
Untitled Document The merger has resulted in a powerful European telecommunications provider. Transfer of knowledge between the two companies has already led to new opportunities, which will enable the new company, Teldat, to expand its market share and enter new markets with its powerful bintec and elmeg brands.

Effective immediately, Agustin Muñoz-Grandes, Vice President International Operations at Teldat S.A., will assume the position of CEO at Teldat GmbH: "We are looking forward getting down to work with the skilled and motivated FEC team as part of the Teldat Group under its new name, Teldat GmbH, and providing a powerful product portfolio with innovative communication solutions. We need to build upon our strong position both in the channel as well as within the provider landscape - to accomplish this, we will rely especially on our close collaboration with our partner companies and distributors as well as a leading telecommunication companies and service providers. The same personnel will of course continue to be available to our customers and partners."

Former executives Johann Schmid-Davis and Carsten Ahrens, both members of the Funkwerk AG management board, will be leaving the company upon completion of the transaction. Teldat will continue to operate with its existing locations in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. The company headquarters will remain in Nuremberg.


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