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LTE Support on Bintec Routers
Untitled Document Bintec Routers Now Supporting LTE via USB Modem
Bintec RS series routers from Teldat (formerly Funkwerk Enterprise Communications) have added support for LTE (4G) USB modems.  The routers are now compatible with the Telekom Speedstick LTE and the Vodafone Surfstick LTE. Untitled Document
By providing this enhanced functionality, the routers can be used by companies located in areas with poor xDSL coverage.  The new LTE USB modem support enables businesses to benefit from affordable broadband internet access the LTE USB modems offer as an alternative to xDSL.

The Bintec routers offer a wide range of services and administrator tools. &nbspThey support drop-in mode, LTE 4G) backup, a cost-efficient VPN solution for networking branch locations and connecting home offices or mobile users.  The routers also support fast transfer rates and the added support for LTE make the routers particularly well-suited for applications such as voice over IP and live video feeds.

Users can configure the RS series routers in Teldat's graphical configuration tool, the FCI.  Integrated wizards are also built in, making configuration quick and easy.

Version 9.1 Rev 1 of the bintec RS series software is available for download at