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ISDN30/DASS II to Euro Converter

● Convert ISDN30 DASS II from/to Euro ISDN30e
● Connect ISDN30 DASS line to Euro ISDN30e equipment and vice versa
● Transparent to the PBX and line
● Simple plug and play installation*
● Simple, robust solution
● LCR and flexible number remapping supported
● ISDN30 DASS II to SIP VoIP optional
● Ideal for connecting Asterisk and other PBX to ISDN30 DASS Line or DASS enabled PBX to ISDN30e line

* Just tell us which port should be DASS and which Euro and this basic configuration will be preconfigured for you.
Note: The unit comes with RJ45 connections but depending on the ISDN30 line or equipment connections you might require an BNC adapting balun kit our PN NXbalun

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