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Media Gateways VoIP / SIP / T.38 arrow Bintec RT4402 Media Gateway

Bintec RT4402 Media Gateway

A flexible media VPN gateway with 64 ISDN interfaces, and when integrated with the 60 channel DSP card, support 60 simultaneous connections for voice (VoIP) and fax (FoIP) transmissions.

Product description
The RT1202 has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be configured independantly for LAN, WAN or DMZ. A licence for 10 out of a possible 110 hardware-accelerated IPSec tunnels, is also included.

Remote CAPI
As the remote CAPI is a network application, and can operate independently of the MS Windows© operating system software, the RT1202 is ideal for server use. CAPI applications can be installed and maintained without suspending operation and no reboot of the server is required. The software supports 16/32/64 Bit operating systems and applications. Remote CAPI is also available for Linux.
This function is groundbreaking for the use of virtual machines. MS Hyper-V©, MS virtual PC©, VMware©, virtualBox© and other virtual platforms do not offer an option to connect ISDN cards. The bintec remote CAPI avoids this problem and thereby allows fax and unified communication servers to be operated on virtual systems.

The following partners have already successfully certified our solution: Servonic (IXI), Tobit (David), COM2 (TWINFAX), GFI (Faxmaker), ppedv(Visendo)

Routing and VPN Gateways
Bintec routers have features that go beyond standard IP routing. Use of RIP, OSPF and multicast make the router ideal for multimedia and streaming applications. the SIP ALG on all routers automatically controls the internal firewall making it easier to cvonfigure a VoIP soltuion. Prioritising VoIP traffic over normal data traffic (QoS) is also a standard feature in all bintec routers. The DNS proxy function supports the LAN for address implememtation and the automated IP configuration of PCs is carried out over an integrated DHCP server.

The bintec IPSec implementation offers support when creating VPN connections with dynamic public IP addresses. The exchange of IP addresses is carried out either over dynamic DNS providers or directly over ISDN.
IKE Config Mode and X-Auth (extended authentication) permit IPSec dialing solutions for multiple clients with minimal costs and one-time password ensuring the highest level of security. The professional functions are rounded off with bundling for parallel internet connections with load balancing and our bintec Router Redundancy Protocol (BRRP).
VPN gateways are certified by Kobil with "Secure One Time Verification and Identification" (SecOVID) and Starface, amongst others, which realise secure IP PABX connections over VPN with VoVPN.

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