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Bintec RS353a - Universal VPN-router with VDSL2 and ADSL2+
The bintec RS353a is a powerful professional VPN router for high-speed internet access. With its combination VDSL2 and ADSL 2+ modem, this model gives small and mid-sized companies the foundation they need to establish state-of-the-art, robust internet connectivity.

The RS353a delivers advanced security, flexibility, and exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. The combination VDSL2 and ADSL2+ modem supports the Annex A standard (ADSL over POTS) according to ITU standard G992.1.

This router boasts a fan-less metal housing, offers long-term reliability for business-critical applications, and makes an ideal access router for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), branch locations, and home offices.

Thanks to the included 19-inch rackmount conversion bracket, customers can easily integrate this model into 19-inch server racks or operate it on the desktop. Rack mounting is further simplified by the device height of exactly one rack unit and the integrated power supply.

In addition to the VDSL2 /ADSL2+ modem, the bintec RS353a also provides five Gigabit Ethernet ports which can be independently configured for use in a LAN, WAN, or DMZ. The included five licenses for hardware-accelerated IPSec tunnels provide comprehensive high-speed VPN functionality and allow for secure connections to branch locations and off-site employees. An LTE(4G) or UMTS(3G) USB modem (stick) connected to the USB port can be used as a remote configuration access and as a backup interface.

With its wide range of WAN connectivity options, the RS353a raises the bar for flexibility among access routers.

Maximum performance
The bintec RS353a is based on a powerful platform with unrivaled capabilities. Customers with VDSL2 connections can double their data transfer rates by taking advantage of VDSL vectoring technology. High speed interfaces handle heavy local network traffic with ease. You can even establish links between separate company locations over secure, encrypted VPN tunnels.

Professional management
A graphical user interface is the primary means of configuring the router. This fast, web-based interface makes it easy to set up routers using the integrated configuration wizard. Administrators can also manage the devices locally or remotely using configurable telnet, SSH, or GSM dial-in. The bintec DIME Manager is a free software tool that allows administrators to manage up to 50 devices at once.

Ready for the future
Businesses can easily integrate the RS353a into existing company networks. This bintec router also allows for a gradual migration to the new IPv6 internet protocol. The integrated VDSL2 modem of the bintec RS353a supports VDSL bandplan 998 including profiles 8b, 17a, and 30a, the standards used in Germany and most other European countries. The modem also supports automatic failover to ADSL2+. With easy migration from ADSL2+ to VDSL2 and support for VDSL vectoring, the professional-grade bintec RS353a router is a sound investment in your organization's future.

WLAN Controller, HotSpot and adult content filtering
The router also includes all the functionality of the bintec WLAN Controller. The bintec WLAN controller lets you configure and monitor small- and mid-sized WLAN networks with up to 12 access points. No matter whether you need frequency management with automatic channel selection, loadbalancing across several access points, support for virtual LANs, or virtual wireless network administration (multi-SSID) - you have all these advanced features at your fingertips with the WLAN Controller. The software continually monitors the entire wireless network, notifying administrators of any malfunctions or security threats.

The router's integrated HotSpot Gateway together is an ideal complement to the WLAN Controller in combination with a bintec HotSpot license, allowing operators to set up a wireless guest network that requires authentication. This secure separation between the guest network and company network is configured through the WLAN Controller and implemented using virtual wireless networks. An additional highlight is the optional Cobion filter which can be used to prevent children and youth from accessing inappropriate content.