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WO2003n - Outdoor WLAN

bintec WO2003n - Outdoor WLAN Access Point
Rugged Outdoor WLAN Access Point with two independent radios, can be used as WLAN-AP, WLAN HotSpot, WLAN Client or to build a wireless Bridge connections

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Product description
The bintec WO2003n is an IP65-rated access point with two independent radio modules for outdoor use. The robust, water-resistant metal housing and wide operating temperature range from -25° to +70° make the device suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. The high durability standards of the device are also reflected in its ports. For the antenna jacks, for instance, weatherproof Type N connectors are used.

The device is equipped with two 802.11 abgn radio modules with MIMO 2x2 technology, enabling raw data rates of up to 2x300 Mbps. The operating modes and frequency bands of the radio modules can be selected independently of one another, enabling a wide range of applications.

The bintec WO2003n as a HotSpot for internet access in public spaces
With the optional bintec HotSpot, the WO2003n is ideal for providing internet access in public spaces. If you're using multiple access points, the bintec WLAN Controller offers additional load balancing capabilities to ensure good performance when handling large numbers of wireless clients. The second radio module can be used either as a wireless backbone in this scenario or transmit over a second radio channel in order to increase the number of WLAN clients that can be accommodated.

The bintec WO2003n for logistics
If you need to provide wireless coverage across a large outdoor storage location, for instance to connect handheld scanners to your inventory management system, the bintec WO2003n in conjunction with a bintec WLAN Controller is an ideal solution. The WO2003n's use of the IAPP protocol together with careful radio cell planning ensures optimal roaming behavior for your wireless scanners in this scenario. Here as well, the second radio module can be used as a wireless backbone.

The bintec WO2003n as a wireless bridge
In conjunction with our comprehensive line of directional antennas, WO2003n routers can be used in pairs to set up very powerful wireless bridges.

To configure individual devices, all you need is an internet browser. The device's integrated web server allows for rapid configuration and monitoring via the graphic user interface. If you are using the devices as access points however and plan to install more than two of them, a managed network that includes a bintec WLAN Controller is the preferred solution.

WLAN Controller
Optimize your WLAN network by using a bintec WLAN controller. The bintec WLAN controller allows configuration of your customers WLAN network in lesser than 30 minutes ... and this without deeper WLAN know-how! The automatic RF management system relieves you the time killing search for free WLAN channels and selects the best channels for the system.

For smaller WLAN networks up to 6 APs bintec access points are able to take over the function of the WLAN controller by themself and work as quasi master APs. For networks with up to 12 APs you will need a bintec RS series router as WLAN controller hardware. You are able to manage bigger WLANs with up to 150 AP by using a bintec RXL12x00 as WLAN controller hardware.

Mounting and installation
The bintec WO2003n is suitable for standard wall mounting or, using the optional pole mounting hardware, can be mounted directly on an antenna mast.
The unit can be powered either via PoE or a 100-240V plug-in adapter.

As antenna is the Antenna-Kit (5520000145) as accessory available. The antenna kit contains two Omni antennas with water resistant N-type socket and swivel feature. The antenna can be directly attach to the Access Point without any cables. For the WO2003n two antenna kits are required. As an alternative an external antenna with higher gain can be used. In this case the adapter cable CAB-N-N-0,5m (5500001764) is required.