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be.IP Plus

be.IP plus - THE Plus in Communication and Flexibility
The be.IP plus is the ultimate ALL-IP communications solution for businesses. It combines a scalable business telephone system with powerful routing, VPN, and wireless networking features.

IP telephone system and media gateway with integrated VDSL VPN router and 11n wireless
Two devices in one system - the be.IP plus can be used just as the be.IP for easy migration of existing ISDN systems. The plus version allows for a subsequent upgrade to a full-scale communications hub via software activation.

Suitable for both point to multipoint and point to point connections at small and mid-sized businesses with multiple retail locations, home office workers, and branch offices.

Product description
The be.IP plus is no mere telephone system, but rather a convergent communications solution for ALL-IP services such as DeutschlandLAN IP Start and DeutschlandLAN IP Voice Data from Deutsche Telekom. These flexible systems unite all the convenient features of a telephone system with the benefits of a powerful VPN router, ensuring secure voice and data communications. The combined VDSL2 and ADSL2+ modem provides a reliable and future-proof internet connection with vectoring support for download speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

The professional wireless LAN implementation forms the basis of a number of applications such as integrating smartphones or wireless LAN telephones into the company network. The integrated access point operates on either the 2.5- or 5-GHz frequency band, enabling raw data rates of up to 300 Mbps.

The be.IP family of systems can be individually tailored to meet your communications needs. Whether you require a LAN, additional WAN interfaces, or a perimeter network for on-site servers (web, e-mail, etc.) - the five available Gigabit Ethernet ports offer maximum flexibility for company network design and implementation.

Two internal ISDN interfaces (S0) and four analog lines (a/b) also allow for the continued use of existing telephones, fax machines, or intercom devices over your VoIP telephone service.

Easy migration for ISDN telephone systems
When configured as a media gateway, the two integrated ISDN interfaces allow you to continue using your conventional ISDN systems and accompanying terminal devices such as phones and fax machines over your VOIP service. Business users can thus take advantage of all the benefits of IP telephony while continuing to use their existing telephone equipment. That's an unbeatable argument if you seek to maintain the value of your investments.

Airtight security
The integrated VPN business router in the be.IP plus provides impressive and comprehensive security features for voice and data communications. The five available VPN channels can be used concurrently to ensure reliable voice and data transmissions, making it easy to establish links to branch locations, home offices, and travelling employees. The integrated IPSec implementation lets you use pre-shared keys as well as digital certificates as recommended by Germany's Federal Office for Information Security. This allows you to take advantage of a public key infrastructure for maximum security. The flexible and customizable stateful inspection firewall uses dynamic packet filtering to provide additional protection for the network against attacks launched either over the internet or from internal networks.

Professional management
The be.IP plus is configured over a web-based graphical user interface. Integrated assistants and user profiles allow for flexible configurations that fulfill each customer's unique requirements. Administrators can also manage the devices locally or remotely using configurable telnet, SSH, or GSM dial-in connections.

The bintec DIME Manager gives administrators a free software tool that can manage up to 50 devices.

Convenient WLAN Controller
In addition, be.IP plus also offers the integrated WLAN Controller, which allows professional management of wireless infrastructures. The WLAN Controller lets you configure and monitor small WLAN networks, optionally with up to 5 additional access points. No matter whether you need frequency management with automatic channel selection, load balancing across several access points, support for virtual LANs, or virtual wireless network administration (multi-SSID) for easy configuration and secure separation of guest and company networks - you'll have all these advanced features at your fingertips with the WLAN Controller. The software continuously monitors the entire wireless network, notifying administrators of any malfunctions or security threats.

Sophisticated design
The fanless housing ensures long-term reliability for mission-critical applications. You can operate the be.IP plus on a desktop, mount it to a wall, or integrate it into a 19" server rack using the included 19" rackmount bracket. The system is able to adapt to the requirements of any application.

100% ready for the future
With its numerous setup assistants, the be.IP plus is easy to integrate into existing network infrastructures and enables migration to the ALL-IP network of the future. The integrated VDSL2 modem supports the standards used in Germany and most other European countries. This state-of-the-art hardware has been designed so that additional features can easily be added via future software updates. In addition, the be.IP plus also supports the next-generation network protocol IPv6. With its ability to easily migrate existing infrastructures to ALL-IP networks, its suitability for use on the SIP trunk, and support for VDSL vectoring technology, the be.IP plus is a sound investment for sustainable professional IP and telecommunications applications.